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Michael Shumate teaching a seminar  

Michael Shumate

(a.k.a the Grand Poobah of Success In The Arts)

"The first day of teaching any new students, I tell them to call me Michael, not Professor Shumate or Mr. Shumate. Then I tell them if they forget my name, they can always call me the Grand Poobah. That always gets a laugh from them. It establishes a rapport with my students. They know that even though I have much to teach them, I don’t take myself too seriously. Their respect for me will be earned and ego games are not something we’ll be playing."

That's how Michael teaches. That's how he speaks.

Michael is Prefessor Emeritus of St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, where he taught illustration and graphic design for 25 years. The subjects he taught include Color Theory, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Illustration including Computer Illustration, Branding Design and Art History.

In addition to teaching, for nearly 50 years Michael has been a graphic designer and commercial illustrator, a conceptualizer and writer, an organizer and motivator. For the seven years before becoming a teacher, he was Senior Designer/Illustrator for a mid-sized design studio and advertising agency. Michael’s design experience extends to all areas of graphic design including advertising, corporate identity, institutional design, annual reports, display and interpretive center design as well as print and web design. As a stock illustrator with TheImageBank.com (now owned by GettyOne - search under Shumate), Michael’s illustration work has been used all over the world for such clients as British Airways Magazine, Kelley Services, Macmillan McGraw-Hill publishers and Business Week. He is fluent in many illustration styles and in virtually every medium: oil, acrylic, pastel, pen and ink, watercolor, as well as the digital media Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For a wider sampling of Michael’s design and illustration work, see www.VisualEntity.com.

Michael has been a popular speaker for youth conferences and groups as well as a guest lecturer and presenter for adult audiences on a range of topics including those embodied in "Success In The Arts: What It Takes to Make It in Creative Fields" and his forthcoming book, "Logo Theory: How Branding Design Really Work.s."

Besides all that, he is the son of an artist and a musician, husband to a music teacher, and father to more musicians, a writer, a fine woodworker, a photographer and two more who studied filmmaking at university. The principles that Michael teaches apply equally to all of the arts. If you wish to download a Folio-Resume of Michael's, click here

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