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Michael Shumate presenting  

Articles by A. Michael Shumate

These articles are available for reprint and e-publishing, provided my credit and contact information remains intact as it appears in each article.

Articles on Success In The Arts

Don't Let Them Steal Your Talents
A look at how we are encouraged or discouraged to develop our talents. (1074 words)

Four Myths About Creativity
De-myth-tefiying the concept of creativity. A discussion of what creativity isn't and then what it really is. (1078 words)

Three Qualities for Success
A personal story with an insight into what qualities, besides talent, are necessary to succeed in the arts. (1077 words)

Techniques For Greater Creativity: Ideas on Tap
Ways for people in creative fields to increase creativity in their work. (1194 words)

Articles on Graphic Design and Illustration

Developing Coporate Identity Concepts
There are four different kinds of corporate identity concepts and three kinds of corporate identity approaches. Why try to design without knowing the paramenters? (PDF, 1387 words)

Illustration Concepts
Of all the millions of individual illustration concepts that have been created over many centuries, there are only four different categories or kinds of concepts. What are they? (2010 words)

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