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Michael Teaching  

Keynotes and Seminars

By calling himself the Grand Poobah, you know Michael doesn't take himself too seriously. His speaking is a blend of humor and humility, authority and insight.

Michael offers keynotes of various lengths to accommodate event schedules of 60 to 90 minutes as well as longer seminars of 2 or 3 hours. Each presentation is accompanied by slides. Michael has spoken at art colleges, artist events such as Artpreneur Conferences and high school events for individual schools or school board sponsored events like "Careers In The Arts Day."

For longer events, Michael has additional seminars on:
The Nature of Talent
Avoiding the Prima Donna Syndrome
Dealing with Criticism and Getting the Breaks

Michael also gives specific subject presentations on:
Illustration Conceptualizing
Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Identity Design
Corporate Identity Conceptualizing

Program Costs
60 to 90 minute keynote  $800 plus expenses
2 to 3 hour seminars with Q&A $1000 plus expenses

Keynote Discount on Books
As a keynote speaker you can purchase a copy of "Success In The Arts: What It Takes To Make It In Creative Fields" for a flat $5 each. It retails for $10.95 US so that price is well below wholesale. Not only does this give each each of your event participants a tangible take-away, but I will autograph books at the event for any who wish it.

How to reduce costs
Frankly, I'd almost speak for free, but the travel is exhausting. A typical speaking engagement takes three days out of my schedule (one day to get there, one day for the event, one day to return). The best way to reduce costs is to find another nearby sister institution that also will book me to speak on the same day or the day before or after your engagement. This doubles the part I like (speaking) and dilutes the part I hate (traveling). It also means that travel expenses (often the larger part of overall expenses) are split between two budgets instead of just yours. I'll even throw in a "finder's fee" reduction of $300 on my invoice to you for getting the other speaking engagement. That really reduces your total costs. I win. You win.

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